"See you in six months and call us if you need us!"

The care and guidance that you received during surgery and treatment can seem to disappear when it comes to everything after and finding your elusive "new normal". They say you are done but what about what you are left with?

Scars that are uncomfortable and probably not what you envisioned. Nerve pain that shows up as random zaps, zings, and stabs. Painful and motion-limiting effects of "cording" like wires under your skin. Burning pins and needles of neuropathy in your hands and feet. The fear of lymphedema without any real facts about what it is or what to do about it.

But you don't have to keep living in fear and confusion. Informed Self-Care Coaching can change the way you recover.

But you have the ability to create your own healing.

Life after treatment can leave you feeling helpless and adrift.

You've been living in survivorship for a while but still experience anxiety around aches and pains and want to understand your body more for increased peace of mind

You want to feel more involved in your healing and survivorship instead of always relying on others for help

You've had lymph nodes biopsied/removed and/or radiation therapy and want to understand and reduce your risk of lymphedema

You've recently or will soon finish with surgeries and/or treatments and are dealing with ongoing pain, tightness, discomfort, and other side effects

Self-care coaching is for you if...

"I strongly believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to understand and connect with her body, for healing and for the sake of self-reliance and personal empowerment."

- Amy hartl

Recovery and healing after breast cancer is a combination of acceptance and action, time and attention. Add in some curiosity and self-exploration and you can change the way you experience everything that comes next.

You deserve to move through your days with confidence and comfort. Knowing your body - knowing how to care for it - allows you to decide what is right for you and, at times, what isn't. Less fear, less confusion, less overwhelm. More fun!

Feel confident making informed daily decisions, feel empowered in caring for yourself, and save time and money by reducing your reliance on others?

Interact with your body in a more loving, nurturing way strengthening your physical and intimate relationships with yourself and with others?

Rediscover your body and how to support her so you can live more comfortably in your skin with less anxiety and more confidence day to day?

Take healing into your own hands so that you could reduce treatment and surgery-related pain and discomfort?

How would it feel to...

you have a choice

Knowledge is power! Education and information is at the core of your self-care practice. Not only understanding the what and the how of self-care but the WHY as well.

This is what allows you to make informed decisions in your life about your activities and health as you become more familiar and confident with your body, what it needs, and how to care for it, as you are now.

To support and reinforce your self-care practice I provide you with a tailored, comprehensive workbook, containing graphics, reference materials, and a link to your recorded coaching session, arriving in your inbox within 72 hours.

Your reference and practice guide.

You have the plan, you have the resources, and now you get to take action. 

Your self-care practice is just that - a practice. Whether you try a little every day or as you feel you need it, this is something that will become more comfortable and consistent with time and practice.

Breast cancer recovery and survivorship is complex and multifaceted so give yourself the grace and space to take things at your own pace. Work in what you can when you can and you will see and feel the results through your progress.

Are you ready???

Take a deep breath, and away you go.

Informed Self-Care Coaching Sessions focus on one of the following areas of recovery and healing:

+ Lymphedema Risk Reduction and Management
+ Scar Tissue Release for Comfort and Appearance
+ Improving Range of Motion and Ease of Movement
+ Reducing Neuropathy in the Hands and Feet
+ Building or Strengthening the Mind/Body Connection

Each focus area is tailored to your needs based on your individual experience with breast cancer.

Prioritize your needs and choose a focus.

Based on your experiences and goals, we talk through a variety of education and skills that you can use to facilitate healing in your chosen focus area.

Sessions include practical information, tools, and resources, including demonstrations of hands-on techniques and the opportunity for questions and answers.

What you learn in your session will be the foundation of establishing a self-care practice that you can use now and throughout your survivorship, when and as you need.

Together we create your self-care plan.

The Process

One of the hardest parts about living life in survivorship is trying to figure out what it's safe to do or not do. "Can I work out? What about travel? How do I know if I'm "overdoing" it and what are the consequences?" Life in the unknown is frustrating.

Even when you do receive information like "don't take your blood pressure or have blood drawn on your cancer side" there often isn't any information as to WHY this matters. When you understand the WHY behind the WHAT you become equipped to make informed decisions in many areas of your life.

When you are capable of making informed decisions, it means you no longer have DO's and DON'T's. You have opportunities to decide what is in your best interest in different situations. Empowerment at its finest!

It's not enough to be told what  to do or not do. You need to know why  it matters.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, I had an advantage that most women don't: knowledge and skills about what I was about to go through and what might come after as well as what to do about it.

Growing up BRCA1+ and high risk for breast and ovarian cancers, I knew it could be me one day and in 2012 I began my career in integrative oncology. My education, training, and hands-on experience with women living with the aftermath of breast cancer surgeries and treatments allowed me to take my own healing into my hands.

During my recovery I was able to translate the work I did with clients in the studio into a self-care format that allowed me to improve the look and feel of my scars, to safely increase my range of motion, to reduce the effects of chemo-related neuropathy, and most importantly, to manage and even minimize my risk of lymphedema to this day.

Now I teach other women to hold space for themselves and use these same practices to heal and resume active lives while feeling safe in their skin.

I live with the same challenges you do but I've changed my story through self-care.

Hi, I'm Amy!

what clients are saying

"She taught me how to care for my long scar and why it was important to care for it. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!! She is a gift to we breast cancer survivors..."

"As a 31 year old breast cancer survivor, seeing Amy was one of the few experiences I’ve received that actually brought both help with my pain & lymphedema & just general relief."

what clients are saying

what clients are saying

"I first saw Amy at the recommendation of my homeopath. I have scar tissue build up from breast cancer surgery and radiation. Amy has worked with me on this....I feel like I am getting more mobility in my arm and less tightening across my chest."

what clients are saying

Amy's techniques are very gentle and soothing. She understands what cancer patients experience and her techniques are tailored to meet those needs. I highly recommend her.

With one coaching session you gain the knowledge and skills and you need to develop a self-care practice that you can use from now on. Take the initiative to add to your healing journey and strengthen your connection with your body and your future self. 

Here's What You Get!

Are you ready?


One payment of

One 90 minute live virtual coaching session with As We Are Now Founder, Amy Hartl.

A comprehensive digital workbook tailored to support your learning and ongoing self-care practice.

(a $300 value!)

Check your email! Within 72 hours you will receive your comprehensive workbook to support your self-care practice and deepen your knowledge in your focus area adding to your toolbox of information and resources.


Log in to your virtual coaching session where you and I will work through your concerns, establish self-care routines, and ensure that you are comfortable with what you are learning before we complete the session.


Choose the date and time for your coaching session, answer the questions provided, and complete your payment. Begin to think about how your chosen focus area is currently impacting your life and what changes you want to make.


I know that life can be especially complicated in early survivorship so I want to make this simple for you. Together we will break down your chosen focus area to answer your questions, equip you with information, and provide you with self-care skills that you can rely on. It's as easy as.....

How it Works

Schedule your self-care coaching session now!

I am so excited to meet you and help you begin your informed self-care journey. Connecting with and caring for your own body creates a foundation for trust and safety in your skin. BREAST CANCER HAS TAKEN ENOUGH FROM YOU.

Book now

I absolutely guarantee that this experience will help you to reduce overwhelm and confusion and feel more confident about caring for your body. But because what you DO with the information and skills I teach you is what will really create the change you seek, I do not offer a money-back guarantee at this time. 

While I recognize that almost every area of a woman's life is touched by a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, these sessions are focused on body-specific needs. The most beneficial things I teach are self-massage for physical healing, improving the look and feel of scar tissue, increasing range of motion and movement, and understanding and managing your lymphedema risk or symptoms.

Yes! While some of what you will learn carries over to different areas of focus, each unique session is meant to help you feel confident and connected to caring for your body in different ways. Layering information and skills across multiple needs builds a strong foundation of playing an active role in your recovery and creates empowered survivorship.

The term "self care" can make you think of pedicures and bubble baths (not that I don't love those!) but for our purposes with breast cancer recovery and survivorship, informed self-care means having proven and actionable knowledge and skills that allow you to make informed decisions about your health and activities as you move through your day as well assisting in your own healing. Powerful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to be informed?

Envision yourself as the healer you've been waiting for.

Just not ready to pull the trigger? I understand. Everyone needs to come to things at their own pace. I think self-care coaching is the best way to get a truly in-depth experience that will help you feel better physically and build your emotional and mental confidence  BUT I've got something for everyone. Until you're ready for this step, hop on over to my consultations page and check out how you can create your own survivorship plan!

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