When treatment ends it can feel like we've been dropped off a cliff and we don't know where we belong.

But that doesn't mean you don't still need support NOW and likely for years to come as your challenges change.

Most online "support" groups are heavily tailored to the newly diagnosed and those in early active treatment. And for good reason! You remember how blindsided you were when you heard the words "you have cancer". 

But trying to find answers among women who are in a completely different phase of their experience can be triggering and not helpful to your healing and growth as you seek to process your experience from here.


does this sound familiar?

"I just want to feel like myself again."

Then there's the common breast cancer branding and messaging that doesn't fit every woman.

Hundreds of thousands of women are newly diagnosed every year. Millions of women are living in survivorship. And yet...

Cancer Culture and the singular aesthetic of breast cancer means that no matter how you choose to share your experience the world wraps you in pink ribbons and calls you a warrior. You are assigned a membership in the "pink sisterhood" whether you want it or not

But you know the real truth about breast cancer. 

It's complicated and not every woman wants to wear this experience out in the world when we already have to live with it every day of our lives.


and what if you don't fit in?

The "Club" you didn't ask to be a part of...

Like each colorful tile of an elaborate mosaic, no two women are the same.

You are an individual, complex and unique.

We see you.

You can be strong and still be vulnerable. You can be proud and still not want to be labeled. You can be surviving and still not want to talk about it publicly. You can need support and still not feel seen nor heard if you don't fit the mold the world has created for you.

Together, we can learn to recover from the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer, without the added burden of societal expectations.

Create a deeper relationship with yourself and how you relate to your breast cancer experience without losing your identity behind it

Have a place to share that doesn't require a cancer-related nickname or color scheme so that your individuality can shine through

Explore the challenges breast cancer has created for you on your own terms and timeline with community support.

Connect with other women who understand your breast cancer experience but also see you for the woman you are despite it to build real relationships.

How would it feel to...


We see you

It's easy to focus on the external solutions to the changes we experience. But what about the internal?

Sharing thoughts about your relationship with breast cancer itself, how it's changed you, how you want to change it, all is part of the healing process.

Sure, asking for tips and resources, or offering sympathy is all relevant but the work of recovery can go so much deeper if you let it.

You can become the changemaker of your experience with breast cancer.

Time to connect with others...and yourself.

This is a free group so there is no commitment to show up and participate but our hope is that through occasional prompts and topics for exploration you will take what works for you and leave the rest.

This is more than a place to ask for prayers. More than a space to celebrate your latest cancerversary. More than a group to deal with scanxiety.

It's an opportunity to think about things you haven't before and share the wisdom that lives within you.

Are you ready???

Gentle moderation and inspiration.

No matter how many women are diagnosed with breast cancer none of them will live your experience because you are unique.

We aren't here to bash breast cancer branding but we are here to challenge it.

We offer a place for you to deal with your breast cancer experience without the traditional narrative. No pink ribbons, no unwanted labels, just women with a shared experience learning who we are, as we are now.

Connection without labels.

Whether you are a "previvor" living at high risk, a woman who's heard the words "you have cancer" and are now NED, or you are living with metastatic disease, you are welcome here.

We are not focused on your disease status, we are here for YOU.

No bullshit about who's had it harder, no shying away from the truths we all face.  Every woman who is living a life impacted by breast cancer needs support, especially when it's figuring out how to live beyond it or despite it.

A safe space for all, despite your disease.

What We Offer

Now I know I'm just living my experiences with breast cancer in the way that is right for me.

There is no wrong way to process your breast cancer experience because it is yours.

However for those who don't feel seen and heard among the battle language, the cutesy nicknames, the shades of pink, know that you are not alone.

I created this group because I needed a safe space to connect with others that felt like it was about me and not just my disease.

I hope you might find a home here as well.

I thought I was a breast cancer misfit, but...

My career in integrative oncology began almost 10 years ago, after growing up high risk for breast and ovarian cancers (BRCA1+). In 2017 I was ultimately diagnosed with hormone positive stage 1 IDC in 2017 and went through my own bilateral mastectomies, chemotherapy, and partial hysterectomy.

Despite a lifetime in cancer land I am so much more than a breast cancer survivor.

I love to travel, eat, drink, and swear.

I'm obsessive about learning, researching, and reading.

I'm exceptional at holding space for others and using language to open up a conversation instead of shut it down.

I would love for you to join me so that together we can remember that we are so much more than what cancer can take from us.

I've experienced breast cancer from three different sides of a diagnosis.

Hi, I'm Amy!

If you've read this far there is a reason you are here.

We're not for everyone, but we just might be for you.

If you find you are in need of more personalized support than the group can offer please schedule a Guided Recovery & Survivorship Consultation with Founder Amy Hartl. Together we will create a personalized action plan of resources and recommendations prioritized around your individual needs and goals that you can take with you and explore at your convenience.

Any woman impacted by breast cancer is welcome but we focus heavily on recovery from active treatment and life in survivorship as we move forward beyond breast cancer. We actively welcome women living with metastatic disease as we understand that living with breast cancer does not negate the desire to live beyond it. We also believe that metastatic is not a dirty word.

Founder Amy Hartl will offer gentle inspiration and moderation in the form of questions, prompts, and resources. We want group members to feel free to share without limitation and to seek support as needed. We do ask that you try to think about the bigger picture of your life and how you can create the change you seek versus relying on the group solely as a place to vent.

Yep this is free! As We Are Now LLC offers paid services in the form of live Self-Care Education & Coaching, Guided Recovery & Survivorship Consultations, and online self-care courses, but the Facebook Group Community is completely free. Because of this it is lightly moderated and we look to our members to share in supporting each other through questions, conversation, and sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not ready to join the group? We understand. Everyone needs to come to things at their own pace. We think the community is the best way to find the place you belong BUT I've got something for everyone. Until you're ready for group support, hop on over to my Resources page and sign up for my best freebies and general recommendations!

You've Heard It All

There you go,