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>> Do you live with ongoing pain and discomfort due to long term side effects caused by breast cancer surgery and treatment?
>> Have you heard about lymphedema but don’t understand your risk or how to mitigate it day to day?
>> Have the physical changes you’ve experienced hurt your self-esteem and intimate relationships?
>> Do you struggle to find resources that you can trust and rely on? Are you tired of wading through all of the so-called “helpful” recommendations from friends and the overwhelm of information on the internet?
>> Do fear and anxiety result in either hyper-vigilance about your body or avoidance of self-touch and examination so that you feel at odds with your body and uncomfortable in your own skin?

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They call you Survivor, Thriver, and Warrior but...

In this program you will learn:

What's included:

level 1:
The Fundamentals

level 3:
fully empowered

level 2:
confidence builders

IN-DEPTH DIGITAL SELF-ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE to help you identify your unique physical and emotional needs 

FIVE (5) LIVE TRAINING/Q&A WEBINARS where you will learn empowering methods and techniques to reconnect with your body, reduce pain and restriction, and understand and mitigate your lymphedema risk

FOUR (4) HOME PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS designed to help you connect with your inner-nurturer and practice the techniques learned so that you can build confidence in what you are learning

EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL RESOURCES to help you understand the changes to your body and ongoing impacts including “Do’s & Don’ts” involved in lymphedema, “Lymphedema & Air Travel” guidelines

ACCESS TO THE RECORDED WORKSHOP so that you can revisit and reuse the content whenever desired

SMALL GROUP CIRCLES VIA LIVE WEBINAR focused on teaching you techniques to reduce cording and scar tissue to improve the look and feel of your scars and reduce associated discomfort (2 sessions)

DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOK FOR JOURNALING providing guided prompts to help you connect with your body and document your journey

50% OFF PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY so that you can cut through the noise and create community in a safe environment with other women who understand your experience.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL COACHING so that you can feel confident in your skills and techniques (2 sessions)

PERSONALIZED LIST OF TRUSTED RESOURCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS tailored to your unique needs so that you don’t have to spend unwanted time searching or guessing what might work for you

PRIVATE GROUP ONLINE CHAT ROOM so that you can connect directly with other women in the program, share your story, ask questions, and create connection in a safe space

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP IN OUR PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY so that you can cut through the noise and create community in a safe environment with other women who understand your experience.

“BUDDHA BOARD” WATER PAINT BOARD so that you can practice releasing emotions and letting go of thoughts or images that no longer serve you




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everything in level 1 plus:

everything in levels 1 & 2 plus:

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Ways to deepen the mind/body connection. Develop understanding around quality of touch for what is safe and effective for you as you are now. Creating intimacy with your yourself through nurturing, non-sexual touch. The ability to see your body as something precious and come into deeper relationship with her.

Explore the "inner nurturer" within and create a relationship with her that you can use to continue growing your self-esteem and self=love.. Strengthening the way you care for and love yourself increases your ability to create love and intimacy with others.

Simple but effective techniques that create both relaxation and aid the immune system through active breathwork. Guided meditations as well as scripts for ongoing use. Use meditation as a way to check in with your body and feel more in tune with her. 

Gain important knowledge about your lymphatic system and the lifelong impacts created by your surgery and/or treatment. 
Reference materials to help you understand how those impacts may inform certain choices. Empowering detailed manual lymphatic drainage self-care techniques to mitigate and manage early signs and symptoms of lymphedema that you can use anywhere creating confidence when you work out, travel, and engage in daily activities.

Comprehension of the muscles involved in various surgeries and the impact created on muscle and bone by radiation. Gentle but effective stretches without overworking muscles. Develop a sense of your "stretch point" so that you can continue to progress in your range of motion and strength and return to or advance your activities without compromising your safety.

Our private, online membership community offers Monthly Themes around relevant topics like identity, intimacy, body image, communication with family and friends. Weekly discussion prompts, Give/Ask posts for trusted recommendations and resources, and Challenges to create habit and practice around deepening our relationship with ourselves and each other. (optional levels 1 & 2, included level 3)

Advanced touch techniques to take healing into your own hands by softening unsightly and uncomfortable scar tissue. How to work with cording in a safe and effective way that isn't painful or aggressive. (levels 2 & 3)

Cut through the noise with resource and product recommendations including bras, beauty products, books, and more. (level 3)

Taking control of your relationship with your body creates the ability to make informed decisions and to enrich your daily life while quieting the overwhelm caused by lack of and misinformation.

you will learn

>> Safe and gentle touch methods to put your healing in your own hands so that you can reduce treatment and surgery related discomfort and long-term side effects such as scar tissue restriction
>> To understand and manage your risk or early symptoms of lymphedema so that you can make informed daily decisions, feel empowered in caring for yourself, and save time and money by reducing your reliance on therapist appointments
>> Proven techniques that improve the appearance and feeling of your scars and skin allowing for increased confidence and self-acceptance when looking in the mirror or sharing your body with others
>> Trusted resources to help you navigate the survivorship experience and find a path forward that feels right for YOU by quieting the typical online overwhelm
>> Guidance from a professional in complementary cancer care with personal experience as a high risk BRCA1+ woman and breast cancer survivor on reconnecting with and knowing your body in a healthy way contributing to self-compassion and peace of mind

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