Do you live with ongoing pain and discomfort due to long term side effects caused by breast cancer surgery and treatment?
Have you heard about lymphedema but don’t understand your risk or how to mitigate it day to day?
Have the physical changes you’ve experienced hurt your self-esteem and intimate relationships?
Do you struggle to find resources that you can trust and rely on? Are you tired of wading through all of the so-called “helpful” recommendations from friends and the overwhelm of information on the internet?
Do fear and anxiety result in either hyper-vigilance about your body or avoidance of self-touch and  examination so that you feel at odds with your body and uncomfortable in your own skin?

REcover, reconnect, reclaim


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reclaim your power: you will learn

Safe and gentle touch methods to put your healing in your own hands so that you can reduce treatment and surgery-related discomfort and long-term side effects such as scar tissue restriction
To understand and manage your risk or early symptoms of lymphedema so that you can make informed daily decisions, feel empowered in caring for yourself, and save time and money by reducing your reliance on therapist appointments
Proven techniques that improve the appearance and feeling of your scars and skin allowing for increased confidence and self-acceptance when looking in the mirror or sharing your body with others
Trusted resources to help you navigate the survivorship experience and find a path forward that feels right for YOU by quieting the typical online overwhelm
Guidance from a professional with personal experience on reconnecting with and knowing your body in a healthy way contributing to self-compassion and peace of mind

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Hi, I'm Amy, and...

As a BRCA1+ woman with a long family history of breast cancer I always knew that it could be me one day. When I was 12 years old I watched my mom struggle with a year of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and 30+ years later I still see the physical, mental, and emotional impacts she experienced.

In 2012 I began my career in oncology massage and lymphatic drainage. I knew I wanted to serve women both during and beyond breast cancer surgery and treatment but what I didn't know was that I would ultimately be creating a path to healing myself.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 IDC and underwent a 7 and ½ hour surgery followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy. Thanks to my extensive training in cancer-related bodywork I had knowledge and skills to help me not only in my physical recovery but in my long term survivorship as well.

Today I use my my personal and professional experience to empower women in their own survivorship journey by teaching you:

how breast cancer impacts your body and techniques you can use to heal
to understand your risks around lymphedema and steps you can take to manage and mitigate your risks 
how to improve the look and feel of your scars
to regain flexibility and range of motion
and most importantly, to reconnect with your body and find self-acceptance, as you are now

I have spent the last 8 years at the intersection of personal and professional experience when it comes to breast cancer.

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