People often ask how they can help when a woman is first diagnosed with breast cancer but the truth is the journey doesn't end with treatment and surgery. This experience creates physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that can last a lifetime including pain, discomfort, and the risk of secondary lymphedema, a chronic, incurable condition that is usually not addressed until it has occurred. The purpose of the Body Empowerment Program is to bridge the gap for women living in survivorship (a.k.a the rest of their lives) and equip them with a toolbox of knowledge, information, and skills so that they can care for and connect with their bodies beyond breast cancer. Your patronage can help a woman recover from breast cancer, reconnect with her body, and reclaim her self-reliance and self-confidence.

Why Your Support Matters

+ Become a Patron when you make a one time or recurring contribution in any amount you wish. This contribution will be deposited into a dedicated account just for this scholarship fund.

+ Each time the fund reaches the price of one program (currently $300), a scholarship recipient will be chosen and given lifetime access to the program and our Community so that she can learn how to care for and connect with her body, as she is now, and reduce her risk of secondary complications like lymphedema.

+ As a Patron you will receive updates every time a new recipient is chosen and learn her story so that you know your contribution, no matter how large or small, has made a difference to a real person to empower her with knowledge and skills she can rely on forever.

How does it work?

You can support a woman's journey into empowered survivorship from breast cancer by making a contribution to the As We Are Now Scholarship fund. Every dollar received goes directly towards allowing a woman to participate in the Body Empowerment Program at no cost to her.

As We Are Now LLC is not a 501c3 or other non-profit entity so your contribution, while generous, is not currently tax deductible. 

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There is no shame in the fact that cancer takes a lot from us financially and otherwise.

If you would like to participate in the Body Empowerment Program but are unable to afford the cost I would love to learn your story and offer you a scholarship! Scholarship recipients are chosen by me, Amy Hartl - Founder and Creator of As We Are Now, through a personal interview process. 

Additionally I will accept nominations for scholarship recipients from friends and family members or discuss the opportunity for purchasing a gift certificate for someone you choose.

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