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Breast cancer recovery and survivorship is an ongoing process that is often more complex than you ever imagined. You have the innate knowledge to play an active role in yours, you just have to learn to have confidence in what you already know to get started.

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Unlock the Confidence to Take Charge of Your Breast Cancer Recovery

How taking an active role in your recovery is possible (and easier than you might thinK)

A breast cancer diagnosis takes so much more than just your breasts. It can take your confidence, your independence, and your trust in what you know about your body.
It doesn't have to stay this way though.
You can regain your agency by learning to play an active role in your own recovery. You just have to have the confidence and willingness to start the journey.
Join us for a free webinar that will teach you the first things that you need to know to begin connecting with your inner healer.
I will show you:

Your hands hold the wisdom of your inner healer. But before you can learn how to use them you have to unlock the confidence to step into her power.

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THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE THE BASIC SKILLS You need and the one simple technique that you can use to begin your healing today!




"You always had the power my dear you just had to learn it for yourself." 
- Glinda the Good Witch

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Absolutely! We'll save time for Q&A at the end of the webinar.  

Will you answer questions? 

About an hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I live at the intersection of personal and professional experience in breast cancer land.

A lifetime of family history, my own high risk, and 8 years of work in oncology massage and lymphatic drainage came to a head when I went through my own diagnosis and treatment in 2017.

The education and experience that had allowed me to help other women faced with this disease suddenly became a way to reconnect with my body, to play an active part in my own recovery, and ultimately a path to reclaiming my identity and confidence, as I am now. 

Today I hold space in community and teach these same proven skills to women like us so that you too can live in empowered survivorship. 

I'm Amy, breast cancer recovery educator,  oncology bodyworker, and survivor.


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