As We Are Now 

Breast Cancer Recovery Education & Survivorship Support

As We Are Now 

Breast Cancer Recovery Education & Survivorship Support

As We Are Now 

Breast Cancer Recovery Education & Survivorship Support

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(And we know there's a lot more to go.)

You've been through a lot because of breast cancer.

As we are now.

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Through our Personalized Recovery & Survivorship Consultations, signature Body Empowerment Program, and free online community, we will show you ways to work through the ongoing changes to your body and lifestyle caused by surgery and treatment so that you can play an active role in your recovery and survivorship.

If you are a woman impacted by breast cancer, whether through the difficult choices of life at high risk, the ongoing confusion after a diagnosis and all it brings, or the unique challenges of life with metastatic disease, together we can find the chance to live life again...

You can be the changemaker of your life beyond breast cancer.

We are here to help you take your next step with hope and confidence.

When surgeries and treatments come to an end, it is very common to feel cast aside and without guidance as you try to find the woman you knew yourself to be before breast cancer came calling.

And cancer culture would have you believe that you are supposed to come out of this experience with a new purpose, an enlightened perspective, and at the very least overwhelmed with gratitude just to be alive.

Often the true overwhelm is wondering what to do next and if you will ever feel like yourself again.

Let us show you the way.

How do you recover from the physical assault on your body?
How do you reconnect your mind, body, & spirit? 
How do you reclaim a sense of independence?

And what about community?
What if you don't want to be seen through the lens of your disease, but for the woman you've been, and, the woman you still are?

It's true that you may never be the same, but you can create a path to finding yourself again, as you are now. 

(and we can because we've walked this road before)

haven't found where you fit in when it comes to the online breast cancer community? Check out our free facebook group!

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