As We Are Now 

Breast Cancer Recovery Education & Survivorship Support

with Amy Hartl

As We Are Now 

Breast Cancer Recovery Education & Survivorship Support

with Amy Hartl

As We Are Now 

Breast Cancer Recovery Education & Survivorship Support

with Amy Hartl

As we are now

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As a BRCA1+ previvor-turned-survivor in 2017 with nearly a decade of experience as an oncology massage and lymphatic drainage therapist, I specialize in helping women impacted by breast cancer use self-care skills to reduce pain and discomfort, rediscover their bodies, and make informed daily decisions to move through life with more confidence and ease.

Take the next step in your life beyond breast cancer with the power of informed self-care.

you already hold healing in your hands.
You just have to learn how to use them.

that's where I come in.

The impacts of a breast cancer diagnosis don't simply come to an end when treatment does. You live with the effects of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy every day whether the scars are visible or not.

I know because I live with them too.

People look at you and say "but you're done so you're good now right?" And you think to yourself, what does that even mean? "Yeah. I'm good now. Thanks."

What they don't know is that the truth is probably closer to,
"No, I'm completely overwhelmed. I'm not sure what to do next. I'm afraid I may never understand this body or feel like myself again."

With treatment there was always a plan, a goal, and a team of people leading the way so that you knew what to expect and what came next.

And now you feel cast aside and left without guidance just as things are supposed to be getting easier.

Take your healing into your hands.

So how do you recover from the physical assault on your body?
How do you reconnect your mind, body, and spirit? 
How do you reclaim your confidence and self-reliance?

My name is Amy Hartl.

I live at the intersection of personal and professional experience in breast cancer land and I am here to help you take charge of your recovery and survivorship!

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 Actively participating in your physical recovery and taking charge of your survivorship choices not only increases comfort in your skin but also reduces overwhelm, confusion, and fear.

We may never be the same as we were before we heard the words "you have cancer" but with time, education, and the desire to grow into the self-healers we can be, we can learn to love ourselves and live confidently in our skin...

I equip my clients with practical education, tools, and resources to bring the benefits of gentle touch, lymphatic support, and the mind/body connection into their hands.

Through my one-to-one Self-Care Coaching SessionsPersonalized Recovery & Survivorship Consultations, online DIY courses, and free online community, I teach you to understand what your body has been through and how to effectively care for yourself across a variety of common concerns including:

+ Improving the look and feel of your scars
+ Reducing tightness and pain after surgery and radiation
+ Increasing your range of motion and ease of movement
+ Reducing your risk of lymphedema or managing early symptoms
+ Reducing the pain and numbness of chemo-related neuropathy
+ Establishing a stronger mind/body connection

I know that breast cancer recovery and survivorship is complex and multi-faceted and one of the hardest parts is learning to navigate and work through the physical, mental, and emotional losses that cancer brings.