As We Are Now 

Recover. Reconnect. Reclaim.
YOU Beyond Breast Cancer.

As We Are Now 

Recover. Reconnect. Reclaim.
YOU Beyond Breast Cancer.

As We Are Now 

Recover. Reconnect. Reclaim.
YOU Beyond Breast Cancer.

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Whether you have heard the words “you have breast cancer” or you have lived your life knowing they might some day come, you are a woman impacted by breast cancer. And, despite the fear, anger, and sadness, you showed up and did what you had to do so that you could live. You did it for yourself and for those who love you and you’d do it again if you had to.

it's your time to recover, reconnect, & reclaim.

You've been through a lot.

As we are now.

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Check out the details on our Body Empowerment Program & Membership Community!

Through our Body Empowerment Program and private online membership Community, you can learn to understand the ongoing changes to your body caused by surgery and active treatment as well as the challenges to your lifestyle, and learn to play an active role in your recovery and survivorship.

That not only would you get to live but also resume your life as it was before. Sadly it rarely works that way. Once cancer enters your world it changes you and breast cancer leaves behind physical and emotional reminders. You may never be the same, but you can create a path to finding yourself again. 

You thought when it was “over” that you would feel like yourself again.

You can learn to work with your body.
To create a partnership with her that builds trust and safety in your skin.
You can learn to see, love, and accept yourself again. 
Together we can reclaim our identities as unique individuals beyond the patient, survivor, thriver labels and find confidence and self-reliance...

you are the changemaker of your life and your relationship with breast cancer.

We are here to help fill that void.

Are you feeling a little lost in the shuffle of stepping back into the world now that the barrage of appointments is done?
Maybe you are several years out but are still figuring out how to live your best life with life-long impacts from surgery and treatment.
Living with metastatic disease but need a place to land and be seen as more than  just a breast cancer thriver?
Even if you are facing life at high risk and the difficult decisions you have to make for your future and your health, you are welcome here.

It is very common to feel cast aside and without guidance as you try to find the woman you knew yourself to be before breast cancer came calling.

We are a home for women who have been impacted by breast cancer but don't want to be defined by it.

Wondering how to get started or if what we do is right for you? Set up your free breast cancer recovery & Survivorship consult with As We Are Now Founder, Amy Hartl!

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